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Rabbit Chapter 1
Chapter 1
The Spine sighed as he stepped through the door way into Walter Manor, home once again. He stepped out of the way allowing Rabbit and Hatchworth to enter. Rabbit immediately raced off in the direction of his room, rambling on in unintelligible squeals. Hatchworth looked quizzically at The Spine. "Is something wrong The Spine?"The Spine took a moment before answering, "No Hatchworth, everything's fine. Why don't you go see what Rabbit's up to." Hatchworth gave him another quizzical look before heading off in the direction of Rabbit's room.
The Spine walked over to a window, looking out from behind the dark curtains at Michael, Matt, and Steve who were still unloading the band, usually The Spine would offer to lend a hand, but not today. He closed the curtains once again, savoring the darkness of the room. He felt peaceful, but something was not quite right. The Walter wi-fi was eerily quiet, there were no sudden outbursts of gleeful laughter from Rabbit, the air didn't buzz wi
:iconstories11:stories11 15 8
Genderbend SPG by mandymini Genderbend SPG :iconmandymini:mandymini 128 26 Annabel Lee by Naimane Annabel Lee :iconnaimane:Naimane 2,451 457
Frozen- Jack Frost X Reader
       You were sitting by your window, daydreaming as usual with your headphones on. It was one of those days where you wanted to be alone; blocking out the outside world. Your imagination was better anyways. You look out your window, you see that the streets and land had been covered in white. Great, it had snowed. You sighed and shivered a bit as you closed your blinds. You hated snow, it was so cold and wet. . Sure, it was beautiful to look at. . but you hated moving around in it. This must have been why you thought it'd be best to stay inside today. You sigh, slumping down on your bed. It was obvious that you were awfully bored, maybe even lonely. You now wished that somebody, anybody would come and talk to you.
What seemed like a  few minutes later, you must have drifted back into a daydream. . . because the next thing you heard was your mother shaking you, telling you to wake up. You groaned, not wanting to get up. "What is it mum?" You ask her tiredly, rubbing your eyes.
:iconiw0uldbesohappy:IW0uldBeSoHappy 1,748 1,050
Bride of Frankenstein by AbigailLarson Bride of Frankenstein :iconabigaillarson:AbigailLarson 5,564 166 Just another day... by Illusionation Just another day... :iconillusionation:Illusionation 143 20 Nice Sweater! by McMuffinTop Nice Sweater! :iconmcmuffintop:McMuffinTop 16 7 a friend after all by Robin-chan33 a friend after all :iconrobin-chan33:Robin-chan33 10 2 Whoopsies by Apselene Whoopsies :iconapselene:Apselene 28 4 Dancing by tashapple Dancing :icontashapple:tashapple 31 1 LASER NIPPLES!!! by Hushkey1 LASER NIPPLES!!! :iconhushkey1:Hushkey1 11 5 Human by Hootsweets Human :iconhootsweets:Hootsweets 8,273 371
I remember but why don't you?
---A Thousand Years of Loneliness---
I'm a queen with a thousand years of age
This storybook is just turning another page
I just don't know why
Why am I so filled with rage?
You aren't you
You're not who you used to be
My temper's flaring
How could it be?
Back when you were sane
You pushed back the pain
Dancing with me in the rain
No more to lose than gain
We lived in a place mundane
Adventuring with your walking cane
Even in places filled only with chain
I wish we could meet again
If only I could cure you
My help I would lend
But it's too late for you now
A trip to insanity
From this torture
I wish you were free
I'd wish on a thousand stars
Every night outside my cave
But right now I don't want to live
Why don't you remember me?
Never forget
Never regret
Now you're too far gone
I'll keep looking on
Even until dawn
Looking just like a chess pawn
I can't think
It feels like I'm about to sink
In this melting skating rink
:iconportrait-dragon:portrait-dragon 24 4
Something Old and Something New...
(Something old and something new; something borrow and something blue)
"We're actually doing this? You're serious?" A nineteen year-old Rose Marion Tyler asked the Doctor-A.K.A her fiancée-in disbelief.
All Doctor just raised a single eyebrow and rolled his eyes. "Rose, what is this, then?" he said in as soft as his thick Northern accent would go (which really isn't that much) and lifted Roses left hand and showed her the exquisite TARDIS-blue and rose-red encrusted in a pure silver ring. He smiled gently at her as he caressed her hand.
"An engagement ring, Doctor…" Rose replied with a starry twinkle in her eyes as she smiled at him, and then allowed her right hand to rest upon his left.
"Then why do you question if I am serious?" He asked, genuinely unable to understand her doubt. She smiled lightly and laughed slightly as she pulled her hand away and placed them on his cheeks.
"You're the Doctor-my Doctor. My cheeky, lovable Doctor… But I still can't always understand
:iconthe-glowing-wolf:The-Glowing-Wolf 10 9
Lynx by Kamirah Lynx :iconkamirah:Kamirah 3,669 209


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